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Let's Celebrate!

During May we held our annual Book Week. Several governors visited during the week... see what they had to say!


I just got back from reading to McKenzie class for book week. I really enjoyed reading to the children and they were all so attentive despite it being the last thing before half term. (And one little girl was completely right - the Owl and the Pussy Cat is a weird story!!)
But the real treat was being able watch the carnival school assembly beforehand and hear about all the work the classes had been doing for book week; they recited their poems beautifully and had made stunning masks. The highlight was when the children in year 2 were showing their bird pictures, which were very impressive, and the other children had a brilliant reaction to the pictures -  to hear 'wow' ringing around the hall was fabulous! It was great to see the children really engage with each other's work. I had a really lovely visit to the school, the children were a credit to you all.

Caroline Barker


On Thursday I had the great pleasure to read to the Reception children(both classes) as part of Book Week.
The children behaved impeccably and listened eagerly to the story about Harry and his Dinosaur friends on his First Day at school. How appropriate the story was, touching on a range of emotions and experiences of any child's first day at school in a way that was both sensitive yet "matter of fact" too!  So well chosen by staff.
The children responded wonderfully to the story catching on to its nuances. What a joy to see such interested children!
Later I went to the grandparents' afternoon visit.  It was clearly a real delight for both children and grandparents. Singing first was very entertaining and then the children escorted their grandmas and grandpas on a tour of the school; beaming smiles on both sides.  Behaviour, as always, was immaculate. Our children, although excited, remembered their best manners and behaviour. 
The whole experience made me feel very proud to be a governor here.

Brenda MacCormack

Some of our Year 2 girls took part in a local athletics competition. They were highly praised for their excellent behaviour and sportsmanship. Well done! We are all very proud of you.
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In January headteachers from across the Hart and Rushmoor districts visited our school to look at the school's approach to teaching reading. Here are some of their comments...


I was very impressed with the children's reading levels and how enthusiastically they talked about their reading.


Wow! Great reading. The school's approach is innovative and was great to see the children so involved and keen to talk about books.  

Jane Wilson, our Lead Learning Partner from Hampshire, visited the school in January to look at how the school teaches reading. She said she was blown away with the children's confidence and  level of reading...

'Conferencing with children demonstrated their enthusiasm and enjoyment of reading. Children talk confidently about the books they have read and recognise that the new approach gives them the opportunity to revisit texts and be more confident with their reading. They use a high level of vocabulary to clearly explain their thinking and opinions. They used evidence from the text to draw comparisons, for example using facts about wolves to explain their behaviour in stories.' Jane Wilson Jan 2016