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Ethos and Values

At Frogmore Infant School we have six key aims:

  • everyone feels good about themselves
  • everyone experiences success
  • everyone wants to learn
  • everyone knows how to learn
  • everyone works well with others
  • everyone thinks of their own ideas

To help us achieve our aims we have six core values which underpin all the work we do:

Our Green Code and Learning Values help children to show the right behaviours in the classroom and around the school:

The Governors are active in determining and reviewing the school's vision, objectives and strategic priorities. As a school we ensure that all targets are suitably challenging and aspiration to maximise the outcomes for all pupil groups. The Governors have agreed stated the following as the strategic direction for the school:

Key area

Success Criteria        


  • Every child makes at least expected progress or better over the key stage
  • Close the gap at the low end of achievement (PP, SEN)
  • Attainment in reading, writing and maths is significantly above national average

Quality of teaching and learning

  • Quality of teaching is consistently good or outstanding as determined by triangulation profiling
  • The curriculum transcends subject boundaries and provides highly positive, memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning
  • The curriculum contributes effectively to children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Behaviour and Safety

  • 100% of pupils feel safe in school
  • A robust and effective behaviour policy is consistently applied
  • Pupils make an exceptional contribution to the learning environment
  • Statutory requirements are robustly applied and monitored
  • Attendance is in the 1st or 2nd quintile of the school’s Dashboard

Leadership and Management

  • All leaders are highly ambitious for the school in its pursuit of excellence in all areas by demonstrating an uncompromising drive towards the highest of standards
  • The school is highly successful in engaging with parents/carers with a marked impact on attendance, learning and progress
  • Performance Management procedures are stringent and lead to high levels of teaching and learning
  • The Governing Body is relentless and highly effective in setting a strategic direction, holding the school to account and ensuring financial probity


Agreed by the GB on 13.6.14 at FIS Governor Day

Ratified at GB on 15.7.14