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Happy learners, great achievers

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Ethos and Values

Our ethos and values are determined by our school aims and our school values.

At Frogmore Infant School we have six key aims:


To help us achieve our aims we have four core values which underpin all the work we do:


Being curious is at the heart of what it is to be an effective learner. We want our children to feel a sense of wonder in the world in which they live, experience the thrill of learning and want to know more. We value children’s inquisitiveness and questions. We believe a connection with the natural world  and the opportunity to ask questions and make discoveries, helps  children to have a strong sense of self worth,  gives a greater opportunity to  think deeply and develops the ability to cope with uncertainty.



We want our children to have a can do   approach and a commitment to excellence.  We believe in the importance of persistence and independence, and the need for interest, ownership and involvement. We want our children to have the emotional strength to persevere through difficulties, collaborate with others, create realistic plans and bounce back. Having a passion for learning and the capacity to regulate attention, emotion and behaviour, leads to a sense of pride and belief in oneself.



We want our children to develop an   ability to think for themselves, see things from a range of perspectives, improve on their own standards and strive to achieve the best they can. Self-reflection is about valuing and     experiencing excellence. We want children to readily raise questions and be self questioning. We believe this  leads to pride in oneself and of others, an attention to detail, positive self image and a desire for excellence. 



We want our children to accept responsibility for their behaviour and learning, show initiative and to understand how they can make a positive contribution to the lives of  others.    Responsibility is about acting    independently, taking decisions, being proactive and  appropriate challenge. We      believe that developing and fostering a positive attitude for all children enables them to have respect for themselves and others.



Our Green Code and Learning Values help children to show the right behaviours in the classroom and around the school:

The document below sets out our priorities for each half term: