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Transition events

Transition Events

Please see below our transition timeline to settle your child into school. These sessions have been designed to give your child the best possible start and to help familiarise themselves with their new school, friends and class teachers.


In order to make the children feel comfortable in their new environment we have arranged smaller groups to attend at different times. These groups have been collated by birth dates, please see the table below:


Transition Activity 1

During our New Parent Meeting  on Wednesday 15th May 2024 you will receive your registration pack and further information regarding your child starting school.


If you are unable to attend the New Parent Meeting you can access the presentation by visiting our Getting Ready for School page on our website.

Transition Activity 2

Trying the hot lunch at school on Wednesday 19th June 2024.

Transition Activity 3

Drop in session at school to explore the EYFS indoor and outdoor areas on Thursday 4th July 2024.

Transition Activity 4

Home Visits will take place in the first week of September, from Tuesday 3rd - Friday 6th September 2024. We will email you with the dates and time for your child in July 2024.


Transition Activity 5

Stay and Play sessions will take place in the second week of September, Monday 9th - Friday 13th September 2024. The children will be invited to attend in their smaller groups, please use the table below to see what dates and times your child needs to attend. This is grouped by their birth dates (using the table at the top of this page).

Transition Activity 6

The children will be getting to know each other through their very own Chatterbag. For more information, please see below: