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Getting ready for school

Frogmore Infant School - Getting Ready for School

Our 'Welcome meeting' presentation is below. Please take some time to go through it if you were not able to attend the meeting on Wednesday 15th May, 7pm.

Our Early Days booklet with all the information you will need about your child's transition to school. Including the dates and times for drop in sessions at school in June and July, home visit dates in the first week of September and the stay and play sessions in the second week of September. Please ensure you take the time to read this, as there is a lot of information. 

Find out more about how to help your child get ready for school by clicking on the image below:

Transition Booklets

Please click on the image below for your child's class transition booklet. (These will be available in the second half of Summer Term)

Van Gogh Class

Monet Class

Hampshire's School Readiness

The new Hampshire County Council 'Ready Steady School' leaflet - Is your child starting school soon? Are they ready? Are you ready?

Readiness Workshops

Want to learn more about school readiness for your child? How about a short online course? We recommend the following:

Hampshire's Journey Planner to School


Starting school is a big step for parents/carers as well as children. Not only is your child embarking on their first taste of formal education, but they may be going to a new location which may involve an unfamiliar journey. So, now is the perfect time to look at how your child will travel to school.


The school run is a great opportunity to start you and your child’s day in a positive and energised way. It provides quality time with your child where you can chat with them.


By leaving the car at home or parking a short distance away from the school gate and walking the last 5-10 minutes to school, you will help to reduce congestion, improve air quality locally, make the school run safer and your child will be healthier, happier and ready to learn.


Positive active travel choices do make a difference! 🚶🛴🚲🚌🚆


Shortly, you will receive a printed copy of the ‘How could you travel to school?’ booklet from Hampshire County Council Travel Planning Team. This is a great practical guide about safer, active and sustainable travel to school. In the meantime, click on the image below to access it.



In addition, there is a wealth of supporting information on the My Journey Hampshire website:


The ‘Starting Year R: EFYS, Reception, Infant School’ flyer may be of particular interest to you, visit the slide show below or click on the link.


School Nursing Team - Getting Ready for School