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Sport Premium

At Frogmore Infant School, we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of all children. We believe that providing an innovative, varied PE curriculum as well as wide range of extra-curricular sports opportunities not only promotes our school's aims and values, but also has a significant influence on academic achievement of all children. We are committed to ensure that all pupils receive a minimum of 2 hours PE per week, delivered by well trained, enthusiastic and passionate teachers.


Using the PE and Sport’s Premium, each year an in-depth strategic programme is put in place to improve the provision for PE and Sport. PE and Sport are both monitored, developed and reviewed regularly to enable all pupils to achieve their personal best.


What is the PE & Sports Premium?

To ensure children develop a lifelong love for physical activity and to provide children with a lasting legacy of the London 2012 Olympics, the Government has invested a substantial amount per annum.  Since 2013, all government funded primary schools across the UK have received additional funds that can only be spent on improving the quality of PE and Sport provision in schools.


Background to PE & Sport Premium

The Department of Education, Department for Health and Department for Media, Culture and Sport announced in March 2013 that there would be a grant for all primary aged children delivered through schools. This grant became available in the school year 2013/14 and will continue to be available until further notice.


The aims of the grant are to ensure children have the chance to:

  • Develop a lifelong love for physical activity

  • Enjoy P.E. and sport both in school and outside of school

  • Compete in challenging sports activities against their peers

  • Have the chance to work towards and achieve sporting excellence from a young age